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Take a Whale Watching Trip to the Arctic Circle

Meet Kate Stafford Kate is studying the acoustics of Arctic bowhead whales.

Kate and her team lower a microphone into the frigid Arctic waters.

Kristin Laidre Waiting to spot the elusive narwhal whale in the Arctic.

Kate scans for whales atop some of the oldest, purest ice in the world.

A small pod of narwhals traveling in the summer.

Scientists in the Arctic The sun sets on the expedition warmup tent.

Scott McVay co-discovered the song of the humpback whale in 1971.

The Bowhead Whale One of the oldest mammals on Earth, the bowhead whale lives up to two human lives, according to Inuits—now proven by scientists.

Brooklyn-based film composer and double bassist, Garth Stevenson, greets his fans.

Filmmaker Sarah Robertson scuba dives beneath the Arctic ice.

Researchers are racing to uncover the implications for the Artic of rapidly vanishing polar ice – and they’re enlisting help from the very creatures that stand to gain the most from their discoveries: the Narwhal, Bowhead and Beluga whales, three of the most elusive species on Earth. A riveting discussion with explorers and scientists who are using daring new tactics to “recruit” these animals, featuring spectacular photographs, rare footage, and musical performances inspired by whale song.

Presented in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History.