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Don’t Feed The Machines: Take a Tour of a Robot Petting Zoo

RoboCup World Champions Come to Innovation Square

Deciphering Flight Festo's autonomous bionic bird soared above the World Science Festival's tech fest, Innovation Square, on June 2, 2012.

Another amazing Festo creation is the AquaJelly, an autonomous robotic jellyfish with eight mechanical tentacles to propel itself underwater just like the real deal.

Serpentine Robots A robotic snake that can slither up poles (and people) slithered through the crowds at Innovation Square

Man and Machine Come see why Dennis Hong's humanoid was named Time magazine's 2011 Best Invention of the Year.

Bird Brain SmartBird, a massive, autonomous flying contraption straight out of a sci-fi fever dream, buzzed the square every hour.

Mechanical engineer Maurizio Porfiri's robotic fish are convincing enough to swim with real schools of fish.

Don’t feed the robots. From flying mechanical birds to robotic fish and autonomous snake machines, the myriad species of world-class robots will bend your mind.