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Icarus at the Edge of Time: One Boy’s Journey to the Very Edge of Understanding

Have you ever dreamed of setting out on a heart-thumping adventure? Icarus at the Edge of Time is about a boy who dares to fly close to a black hole and lives to tell the tale.

Revisit the Icarus Myth This multimedia twist on a classic myth asks what happens when you fly not to the sun, but to a black hole.

Actor LeVar Burton lends his voice to Icarus, reading the tale before an enraptured audience.

Innovative filmmakers Al+Al, the award-winning artists behind the breathtaking film featured in Icarus at the Edge of Time (Al Holmes, left and AL Taylor, right).

What are Black Holes? Learn how black holes form and how they warp space and time.
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Download Teaching Resources The Educator's Guide to Icarus at the Edge of Time offers classroom activities for teaching the science of black holes.
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What's Out There? At its heart, Icarus is a story about curiosity, adventure, danger and discovery.

Icarus at the Edge of Time is the story of a courageous boy who challenges the awesome might of a black hole. This stunning, full-orchestral work with animated film and live narrator brings a powerful modern twist to a classic myth, taking audiences of all ages on a whirlwind voyage through space and time, to the very edge of understanding. Featuring an original orchestral score by Philip Glass, performed by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, conducted by Brad Lubman, film by Al + Al and narration written by Brian Greene and David Henry Hwang.