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Photo Of The Day: I Spy With My Fly Eyes

04/01/15See Comments

Many flies have not only compound eyes like the one shown here, but also simple eyespots called ocelli, which can distinguish between light and dark....[Read More]

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Did Time Begin With the Big Bang?

03/31/15See Comments

As far as we know, our universe (and all the matter in it) did not exist before the Big Bang. But did that cosmic explosion create...[Read More]

The bioluminescent jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Note that these jellyfish only glow naturally around the rim of their bells; the other features that look like they are glowing are just lit up by the camera flash.

Bioluminescence: Nature’s Light Show [Photo Gallery]

03/31/15See Comments

Long before humans figured out that sporting glowy lights could make you look really cool at dance parties, animals large and small had already figured out...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Bleaching the Ocean

03/31/15See Comments

Corals across the world, like this one in the Acanthastrea genus, are not expected to do well as ocean temperatures rise. In warmer waters, the...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Owl Vacation

03/30/15See Comments

Snowy owl sightings in the lower 48 states were at unusually high rates this winter, cheering scientists who took the opportunity to study the birds’...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Soft Body, Strong Defenses

03/29/15See Comments

Nudibranches like this one have shells in their larval stages, but shed them as adults. When they grow up, different species adapt a wide range...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Cloud Ship

03/28/15See Comments

Lenticular clouds, like this one floating above Alaska’s Katmai National Park, form in air rises up and cools after being forced to flow over a...[Read More]

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New World Science U Master Class With Edward Frenkel

03/27/15See Comments

Interested in learning mind-blowing science directly from the leading experts? World Science U has you covered. Today we premiere the sixth installment of World Science U Master...[Read More]


This Week in Science: Jupiter Wrecking Ball, Skin-Changing Frogs, Lemon-Scented Malaria

03/27/15See Comments

Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items: Jupiter may have destroyed the...[Read More]


Mars Rover Opportunity’s Marathon Time: 11 Years, 2 Months

03/27/15See Comments

It might pale in comparison to the 2:02:57 world-record-breaking performance by Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto at this year’s Berlin Marathon, but the Opportunity rover’s 11-year-2-month journey of...[Read More]