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Photo Of The Day: Technicolor Under The Microscope

12/17/14See Comments

This image is not computer-generated, nor does it make use of false color; it shows crystals of citric acid just as they look when placed...[Read More]

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Next World Science U Master Class Available

12/16/14See Comments

Interested in learning mind-blowing science directly from the leading experts? World Science U has you covered. Today we premiere the third installment of WSU Master Classes, a...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Cradle of Filth

12/16/14See Comments

This bloom of fungus attended by a thick blizzard of bacterial colonies was grown from house dust and dirty hands. Researchers estimate that the average...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Beware The Widow

12/15/14See Comments

A female northern black widow spider, found in Beltsville, MD, shows off her vivid markings. Her bite, like other widows, carries the venom latrotoxin, which...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Solar Serpent

12/14/14See Comments

A flare of bright elongated gas clouds erupts from the sun on November 1. Our sun cycles through an 11-year pattern of activity, and is...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: The Other Carbon Problem

12/13/14See Comments

Carbon dioxide emissions absorbed by the ocean change react with seawater and lower its pH, a phenomenon known as “ocean acidification.” More acidic seawater is...[Read More]


30 Years Ago, String Theory Made It To The Big Time

12/12/14See Comments

Thirty years ago, string theory vaulted from obscurity to the hottest thing in physics, thanks largely to a landmark paper from two scientists: Michael Green...[Read More]

POD_micro rainbow_5884301485_8303298420_o

Photo Of The Day: Micro Rainbow

12/12/14See Comments

Light scattered by a grid of magnets on a wafer. Tiny magnets like these might one day be injected into patients to add color and...[Read More]


How An Ingredient In Airbags Might Turn Explosive

12/11/14See Comments

An airbag can save your life, but if improperly manufactured, it could mean your death. At least five people have died after airbags made by...[Read More]

Rat Lingerie_update

This Week In Science: Lakes On Mars, A Formula For Skipping Stones, And Rat Lingerie

12/11/14See Comments

Seven days; lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of this week’s most notable and quotable items: The 96-mile-wide crater that NASA’s Curiosity...[Read More]