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Where Is the Evidence for Other Universes?

01/29/15See Comments

The possibility of other universes remains enticing for a number of reasons, mathematics key among them. World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Underseascape

01/29/15See Comments

Off the coast of California, kelp forests anchor ecosystems that support thousands of marine species. Kelp can grow up to 18 inches every day in...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: They Crave That Mineral—Er, Fruit

01/28/15See Comments

In Morocco, goats will scramble up the branches of the argan tree (Argana spinosa), which bears a small, firm fruit. At the center of this...[Read More]

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Could We Detect Parallel Universes?

01/27/15See Comments

Somewhere out there, there might be a different version of you—or maybe trillions of different yous. How could that be? String theory suggests that other universes...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Snow Day

01/27/15See Comments

Snowflakes are not simply frozen raindrops—they are formed when water vapor directly condenses into ice. The amazing variety of shapes you see in snowflakes are...[Read More]

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Universe or Multiverse? – New WSU Master Class Available Now

01/27/15See Comments

Interested in learning mind-blowing science directly from leading experts? World Science U has you covered. Today we premiere the fourth installment of World Science U Master Classes,...[Read More]


Smart Reads: Michael Shermer’s ‘The Moral Arc’

01/27/15See Comments

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King Jr. quoted these words of 19th-century abolitionist Theodore Parker...[Read More]

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Snowpacalypse Now: The Science Behind Blizzards

01/26/15See Comments

If you’re among the approximately 29.5 million people in its path, you’ve probably heard: a storm is brewing. That’s right, the North American East Coast...[Read More]

Photo from Monterey Harbor

Photo of the Day: Ready For This Jelly

01/26/15See Comments

A brown sea nettle (Chrysaora fuscescens) drifts through California’s Monterey Harbor. Sea nettles can’t really see, but can distinguish between light and dark using special...[Read More]

Ice Caves

Photo of the Day: Ice To See You

01/25/15See Comments

An ice caves glows under the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. Since 1958, the glacier has retreated nearly 2 miles. (Image Credit: Andrew E. Russell)...[Read More]