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Welcome to the Mathematical Universe

11/07/11See Comments

Look around you. Underlying every aspect of the world is a language that we all know, though our use and expertise may vary. This language,


Looking Through the Eyes of Mathematics

11/09/11See Comments

Is it possible to deduce the shape of the universe without stepping outside of it? Henri Poincaré thought so. Similar to how the Greeks were


Can Math Be Beautiful?

11/08/11See Comments

What is it about Euclid’s infinite primes that rocks Simon Singh’s world? What makes math different from the rest of the sciences? Listen as he


Process and the Mathematical Revolution

11/08/11See Comments

How do mathematicians work? We’re not asking whether they run on sandwiches or rocket fuel, but rather, “How is a mathematician’s work done?” Is it


The Origin of Numbers

11/07/11See Comments

Where did math come from? Which numbers arose first? Did math develop the same way across cultures? While the details are fuzzy, history shows that