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Photo of the Day: Steam Gets in Your Eyes

04/25/15See Comments

This week, the lava lake at the summit of the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea reached its highest level since forming in 2008. The volcano has been...[Read More]

In the nebula S106, a massive young star gives off lobes of hot gas that create the stunning wing-like lobes seen in the nebula.

25 of the Greatest Hubble Telescope Discoveries From the Past 25 Years  

04/24/15See Comments

Astronomers are rightly celebrating all the amazing scientific discoveries made by the Hubble Space Telescope on the device’s 25th birthday. But it had a rough start:...[Read More]


This Week in Science: Chimps in Court, Staring Into the Supervoid, a Real-Life Kermit, and More

04/24/15See Comments

Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items: A team of international researchers has...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Water Flea

04/24/15See Comments

Despite the name, the water flea isn’t an insect; it’s actually a tiny crustacean. Some species, like the spiny water flea, are invasive in the...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Light Me Up

04/23/15See Comments

A filament of the element tungsten, seen here in extreme closeup. Tungsten filaments beat out carbon filaments in the incandescent bulb market because they heat...[Read More]


Sorting the Stegosaurus Boys From the Stegosaurus Girls

04/22/15See Comments

Peacocks have their tails. Male lions have their manes. And now, new research suggests, male stegosaurs may have distinguished themselves—and signaled their prowess to the...[Read More]


Happy Earth Day Quiz to Celebrate Our Blue Marble – 12 Questions About the Planet

04/22/15See Comments

Happy Earth Day to you. Happy Earth Day to you! Image Credits: Featured – NASA/01 – NASA/02 – – – – Wiki CC/Keith...[Read More]


Photo Of The Day: Got You

04/22/15See Comments

A young African bush viper snags a frog for dinner. The bush vipers typically hunt by hanging from their tails in trees, waiting for likely...[Read More]


Smart Reads – Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

04/21/15See Comments

Environmental journalist Cynthia Barnett’s new book, Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, examines not only how rain has worked as a driving force of human civilization,...[Read More]


What Dark Matter Might Be Made Of

04/21/15See Comments

Though scientists have yet to get a good look at dark matter, that doesn’t stop them from trying to figure out what it’s made of. Is it...[Read More]