6:30- Cocktails
7:15- Dinner & Musical Performances
9:00- Champagne Reception: Featuring Science-Inspired Desserts
Gala 2014

Thank you to all our guests for helping us make this year’s World Science Festival Gala a smashing success! We've gathered some of the highlights from the celebration on our blog.

The World Science Festival Gala is annual celebration of the adventure, culture and content of science that features outstanding performances as well as an evening of science-infused delicacies. The Gala provides critical support to the Festival’s year-round educational programs, both live and in the digital space.

This year’s Gala Honoree is the astonishing Mary-Claire King, one of the most important geneticists of our time, a trailblazing role model and outspoken advocate for women scientists. Among her myriad accomplishments is the discovery of the first breast cancer gene, BRCA1 – a finding that has saved countless lives, and her work, always infused with a deep sense of humanity, continues to improve the world.

Marilyn and Jim Simons and Ann Ziff

Barbara Amonson and Vincent Della PietraAlan and Arlene Alda
Loreen ArbusJoshua Bell
Pamela Hurst and Stephen Della PietraRosanne Cash
Eleanor and Howard MorganDavid Chase
Lynda and Stewart ResnickAnna Deavere Smith
Julia and Russell ShepardCameron Diaz
Robbert Dijkgraaf and Pia de Jong
Sylvia Earle
Peter F. Brown and Peggy HamburgEric Lander
Gerry OhrstromShirley Ann Jackson
William MayerPaul Nurse
Emily McKhann and Andy CooperGillian Small
Rory Riggs and Margaret CrottyWendy Suzuki
Stephen RobertNaomi Watts and Liev Schreiber
  and Pilar Crespi Robert
Beth and David Shaw
Benjamin Weston and Judith Cox

The Taste of Science
The 2014 Gala brings the extra dimension of taste, with culinary innovators and mixologists concocting science-inspired spirits and edibles. Read about Kyl21 and Loliware, and Shoots and Roots Bitters on our blog.
shoots and roots bitters
Rachel Meyer, Selena Ahmed & Ashley DuVal
Kevin Denton
Kevin Denton
WD~50 and ALDER
Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker
David Marx and Philipp Martin

Special Thanks

Hendrick's Gin il laboratory del gelato