The Ultimate Science Street Fair

Bee There!Buzz-worthy performances bring nature to life.

Mission ControlDrive a robot with the brilliant young inventors from New York City/New Jersey FIRST's esteemed robotics program.

Zoo York CityEver see a reptile in Washington Square Park? You will on Sunday!

Heads UpAcrobats, mad scientists, robotic dinosaurs—see it all on Sunday at the Ultimate Science Street Fair.

Robot RumbleCome see FIRST Robotic's dream machines compete in robot games.

  • New York City/ New Jersey FIRST Robotics

    Join the New York City/New Jersey FIRST robotic program students as they demo their state-of-the-art robot creations that will keep you saying, “How do they DO that?”

  • NYU Applied Dynamics and Optimization Laboratory & Maurizio Porfiri

    See a school of robotic fish so true-to-life that it can even fool real fish. And then meet the remarkable inventor who created it.

  • Museum of Interesting Things- Eureka! The Invention Show

    Discover the industrial revolution and mechanical era as it relates to green energy and alternative power. Check out interactive demos of a steam engine, Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph, windup toys and mechanical inventions.

  • The Physics of Basketball

    Join Bob Fisher, the Guinness Record Holder for most free throws made in one minute, for a workshop about the science behind his phenomenal free throwing technique. He's joined by professor John Fontanella, author of The Physics of Basketball and Professor Cynthia Bir, host of ESPN’s Sport Science, who will use biomechanics to precisely assess Bob’s technique.