Urban SafariDiscover a whole new world of bug and plant life during a park-wide safari at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

It's Turtle TimeMake some slippery new friends while exploring the unexpected creatures of the East River.

Go FishingThere's plenty to see under the sea!

Fly AwayDon't forget your reference books and microscopes to identify new creatures! Can you guess what this guy is?

Look To The SkiesChannel your inner astronomer during an evening of stargazing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Adventure awaits in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Join us for an all-day urban safari exploring land, sea and sky with intrepid scientists from around the world.
    Peruse the day's events for details and schedules.

  • Creatures of the East River

Grab a net and explore the surprisingly diverse marine ecology of this storied waterway as you learn the ancient art of seining with marine biologists.
    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Go Fishing

  • Park Safari

    Explore the secret world of bugs and greenery as scientists lead you on a guided tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s fascinating wildlife.

  • Brooklyn Rocks!

    Join geologists on a scavenger hunt that reveals the rich geological history of the park.

  • Weather Sleuths

    Be your own weather forecaster! Learn how to measure and interpret the weather with leading meteorologists from around the city.
    Fly High

  • Science Sets Sail Aboard the Tall Ship Clearwater

    Join the World Science Festival and Clearwater educators in raising the sails on the sloop Clearwater, a replica of the 18th-century Dutch tall ships that once traveled the region delivering mail and supplies.
    Sail Away

  • Brooklyn Bridge: An Engineering Marvel

    Uncover the science secrets of the most iconic suspension bridge in the world, and join engineers as they retell the incredible story of the bridge’s construction 125 years ago.

  • A Magical Evening of Stargazing

    Join professional and amateur astronomers for a free evening of urban stargazing. Bring your telescope if you have one, or use one of the dozens we’ll have on hand.

  • Photos courtesy of Julie Feinstein, Nim Lee, Nilay Yapici, Kara Gilmour, Merry Cai, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservatory