Innovation Square

  • Our robotics section focuses on robots that are being developed now. We’ll have humanoids competing in a DARPA competition for the first hero-bot; drones that deliver medicine instead of air-strikes; and water-bots that harness energy from water.

  • Dynamical Systems Laboratory (NYU- Poly):

    Under the guidance of Associate Professor Maurizio Porfiri, students in the Dynamical Systems Laboratory explore everything from biomimetic fish to aqua-energy harnessing materials. At Innovation Square they’ll be showing off their underwater inventions in our robot ocean.

  • I Heart Engineering, Inc.

    I Heart Engineering is an autonomous flying robot start-up based in New York. At Innovation Square you’ll see their quadrocopters zipping around the plaza, so don’t forget to look up!

  • Matternet, the Internet of Atoms

    More than a billion people live in areas completely cut off from their country’s road networks—limiting their access to markets and healthcare. Matternet’s vision is a series of networks that connect remote areas to urban hubs outside of traditional transit frameworks. Phase one is being realized through drone pick-up and delivery systems.

  • Cornell Ranger

    The Cornell Ranger is a remote controlled walking robot that emulates human walking. Meet the Ranger at Metro Tech Plaza where it will be greeting visitors as they come in. The robot is known for walking 40.5 continuous miles without a recharge. That’s like walking from White Plains to Coney Island!

  • APRIL Laboratory at University of Michigan

    Created by Assistant Professor Edwin Olson, APRIL robotics lab studies Autonomy, Perception, Robotics, Interfaces, and Learning. At Innovation Square Olson’s team of search and rescue robots will help us map the square.

  • Hubo the Humanoid Robot

    Hubo is a robot developed with voice recognition and synthesis faculties, as well as sophisticated vision in which its two eyes move independently of one another. Hubo’s also been known to bust some pretty fancy dance moves.

  • RoMeLa at Virginia Tech

    Dr. Dennis Hong is the Founding Director of RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. His robots do everything from playing soccer to imitating pop sensation Psy. Both DarWIN and the humanoid Charlie will be hanging out with us on June 1st.

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