Innovation Square

  • Robotics

    Our robotics section focuses on robots that are being developed now. We’ll have humanoids competing in a DARPA competition for the first hero-bot; drones that deliver medicine instead of air-strikes; and water-bots that harness energy from water.
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  • WOW

    The best in urban innovation and maker technology. See how anyone with the right tools can be an inventor/designer/visionary with drone transit networks, soccer balls that power cellphones, off the grid light systems, and objects that self-assemble.
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  • Innovation Arcade

    Housed in an outdoor canopied “arcade,” the games featured this year are the next wave of interactive gaming, utilizing crowdsourced data, physical interaction, and bio-tech.
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  • Performance Art

    The performance showcase at Innovation Square will showcase current leaders in innovative music. That means monomes, PVC-organs, the world's largest harp, and chip music.
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  • Innovation Theater

    Join Motherboard’s Alex Pasternack and Cara Santa Maria, host of the Weather Channel’s Hack the Planet, for a series of stimulating conversations and demonstrations with leading innovators as they discover what inspired their breakthroughs, tease out how the latest technologies are changing our world today, and explore why thinking small is truly the next big thing.
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