Innovation Square

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    Don’t feed the robots. From flying mechanical birds to robotic fish and autonomous snake machines, the myriad of species of world-class robots infesting Innovation Square will blow your mind.
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    The Game Innovation Lab of NYU-Poly and the DIY gaming collective Babycastles have cooked up some wildly interactive experiences: Virtual sword fights; a 3D space quest inside a mobile planetarium; games that make you contort like Twister; cooperative dance-off challenges with synchronicity sensors; and much more. At Innovation Square, video games have jumped the console and run amok across the plaza.
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  • WOW

    All day, across the plaza and under the trees, see prototypes and never-before-seen technologies from premiere research labs and legendary institutions—as well as from backrooms, hackspaces, and DIY garages. These are next-generation innovations that are, in a word, bonkers. Reality-bending quantum levitation? Check. Genetic engineering kits? Yep. Powerful lasers? Pew pew!
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    Conversations, panel discussions, and elevator pitches from the edges of innovation, featuring some of the world’s most inventive minds. All day, from 1 – 7 pm in Dibner Auditorium. FREE
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    On the main outdoor stage: experimental digital music and circuit-bending performances; innovator interviews and Q/As; Video game-enhanced YaMove! DanceOff.
    Schedule and details coming soon.
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