Icarus at the Edge of Time

May 30, 2012: The Orchestra of St. Luke's at the opening-night performance of Icarus at the Edge of Time at the United Palace Theatre in Washington Heights.

Innovative filmmakers Al+Al, the award-winning artists behind the breathtaking film featured in Icarus at the Edge of Time (Al Holmes, left and AL Taylor, right).

Revisit the Icarus MythThis multimedia twist on a classic myth asks what happens when you fly not to the sun, but to a black hole.

Fly Away on an Unparalleled AdventureIcarus at the Edge of Time is a tale about a boy who takes a craft of his own design to the very edge of a black hole.

Not Just a Space AdventureIcarus is not only about a boy's journey through space, but also an eye-opening look at the physics of black holes.

Explore one of the Most Extreme Objects in the UniverseWhat happens to time near a black hole? How does gravity warp space and time?

What's Out There?At its heart, Icarus is a story about curiosity, adventure, danger and discovery.

  • What Are Black Holes?

    And what makes them black? Brian Greene demystifies the legendary might of these cosmological powerhouses.
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  • What Happens if You Fall into a Black Hole?

    Brian Greene explains the body-stretching physics of gravity inside a black hole—what astrophysicists endearingly call "spaghettification".
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