Topic: Recent Press

  • Uncovering Reality: One Bit at a Time

    The February cover story of next month’s Scientific American (“Is Space Digital?”) reveals a series of experiments designed to test the holographic principle, a theory that has been at the heart of several mind-bending discussions here at the World Science Festival.
  • Brian Greene on Last Call with Carson Daly

    Recently, World Science Festival co-founder Brian Greene appeared on Last Call's Spotlight series.
  • New York Times Reviews FABRIC

    A nice review of NOVA's Fabric of the Cosmos with Brian Greene appeared in the New York Times this morning. Dennis Overbye's' review focuses on the show's ability to make one truly question perceived reality. If you still have questions, make sure to join us for tonight's live...
  • The Smell of Sexy: Leslie Vosshall Featured in NY Times

    World Science Festival alum, Leslie Vosshall, is featured in today's New York Times. She discusses the neuroscientific relationship between scent and arousal, and the perfume industry's never-ending quest to bottle sex appeal.
  • Four Years of Faces

    Face-paintier Christopher Agostino has been at the Street Fair since the beginning, and he recently wrote about his experiences with the Festival over the past four years.
  • Brian Greene offers picks, and other news

    The outlets are running a good number of stories about the Festival, which kicks off...OMG...tonight! Talking with MSNBC, Festival co-founder Brian Greene even offers some of his picks, in case you still haven't grabbed a ticket to one of the few events not sold-out yet:
  • Face blindness, the World Science Festival, and CBS Evening News

    Sanjay Gupta reported on Oliver Sacks and Chuck Close's face blindness during last night's CBS Evening News. Both Sacks and Close discussed in detail their bizarre experiences with the disorder, known as prosopagnosia, last June at the Festival during Strangers in the Mirror.